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is based in Istanbul and provides new and existing businesses with a wide range of real estate business development solutions for Turkish Market.We have legal advisors and business experts in Turkey for companies seeking better business performance and business growth in Turkish real estate markets. As Turkey Investment Gate, we would like to be your reliable consultant for your direct investments or for the investments of the companies or customers you assist in investing.

If you wish; We can be your investment agency, working as your branch here in Turkey.
International business is very important. That’s why TURKEY İNVESTMENT GATE gives companies tailored support and assistance to get a Strong position on the Turkish market.

Before entering the Turkish market the following points should be well researched: How to find business partners? What support options are available? Where to settle? etc..

TURKEY INVESTMENT GATE support Dutch entrepreneurs who want to settle on the Turkish market. We help you from finding the right business location to buyers of your product or service. Also process guidance is one of our specialties such as setting up contracts, due diligence for acquisitions and financing. We do this in coperation with our partners. In addition we organize events such as trade missions and seminars which may provide interesting information and new contacts. If you are interested in importing products and/or services through large Turkish companies, then this of course simplifies implementing an import network. However, it is still very important that we are able to assist you in making contacts, negotiations, taking care of all legal obligations and enjoying the favourable stimulation measures of the Turkish government.

Lead advisory
Do you want to invest and are you considering taking over a business or company division in Turkey? With the help of TURKEY İNVESTMENT GATE you can increase your chance of a successful transaction.TURKEY İNVESTMENT GATE offers the support of strategic salespeople and private equity players in the various phases of the transactional process.

Do you need to make an important investment decision? Do you need insight into the different scenarios for your company? Our modelling specialists can offer you the desired insights for your decision-making process. advisory team advises and assists in the arranging of refinancing, acquisition financing and restructuring.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to offer our customers the best service without considering the scale of their business. What makes us different in consulting and marketing is that we plan, apply and finalize projects for pre-sale, sale and after-sale stages.

  • Our Goals

    Our goal is to be a globally well-known investment agency inventing solutions for our valuable customers.

  • TIG Country Reports

    From Europe to Asia and Africa, we are making interviews with politicians and bureucrats and publish detailed economic reports of various countries.


  • Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. If you are a real estate investor, you may not want to miss the chance to be part of this economic giant and transcontinental country. High economic eexpansion, millions of tourist per year visiting the country and an investment environment that is friendly and viable are some of the key points to look at in Turkey.

  • Booming economy – Over USD 800billion GDP, annual real GDP growth projections in excess of 5%, 17th largest economy in the world (expected to be 14th by 2017) with heavy exports reaching USD153 billion makes Turkey the ideal country to invest in real estate.

  • Good infrastructure – well developed air, land and sea transport, advanced energy sector and highly developed technological infrastructure in transportation and communication puts Turkey well ahead of other emerging as the place to invest safely and profitably.

Why Invest in Turkey


• Booming economy; more than tripling its GDP, reaching USD 800 billion in 2014
• Promising economy with a bright future as it is expected to become one of the fastest growing economies among the OECD members during 2014-2016 with an average annual real GDP growth rate of 3.6 percent (OECD, February 2015)
• 16th largest economy in the world and 6th largest economy compared with the EU in 2013 (GDP at PPP, IMF WEO)


• A population of 77.7 million (2014, TurkStat)
• Half the population under the age of 30.7 (2014, TurkStat) Young, dynamic, well-educated and multi-cultural population


• Over 29.2 million young, well-educated and motivated professionals (2014, TurkStat)
• Increasing labor productivity


• Business-friendly environment with average of 6 days to set up a company, while the average in OECD members is more than 11 days (World Bank Doing Business Report 2014)
• Highly competitive investment conditions
• Strong industrial and service culture
• Equal treatment for all investors
• Around 41,397 companies with international capital in 2014 (Ministry of Economy)
• International arbitration Guarantee of transfers


• New and highly developed technological infrastructure in transportation, telecommunications and energy
• Well-developed and low-cost sea transport facilities


• A natural bridge between both East-West and North-South axes, thus creating an efficient and cost-effective outlet to major markets
• Easy access to 1.5 billion customers in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa Access to multiple markets worth USD 25 trillion of GDP


• An important energy terminal and corridor in Europe connecting the East and the West Located at a close proximity of more than 70 percent of the world’s proven primary energy reserves, while the largest energy consumer, which is Europe, is located right to the west of Turkey, thus making the country a linchpin in energy transit and an energy terminal in the region


• Corporate Income Tax reduced from 33 percent to 20 percent
• Tax benefits and incentives in Technology Development Zones, Industrial Zones and Free Zones, including total or partial exemption from Corporate Income Tax, a grant on employer’s social security share, as well as land allocation


• Customs Union with the EU since 1996 and Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with 20 countries (Ministry of Economy)


• 71.9 million mobile phone subscribers in 2014
• 35.9 million international tourist arrivals in 2014

  • A new airport, tipped to be the largest in the world (cost 47 billion USD)
  • The Third continental bridge on Bosphorus
  • The North Marmara Motorway
  • 2 big new cities in Istanbul, housing 1 million residents each
  • Marmaray underwater metro & train tunnel under the Bosphorus
  • Canal Istanbul project to ease shipping traffic in the Bosphorus, estimated to be one of the biggest in world
  • High-speed intercity train network
  • An improved metro network all over Istanbul

  • Marmara Ring high-speed train circle that will connect all cities of Marmara region

  • One of the world’s longest bridges on both sides of the Marmara Sea

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TURKEY INVESTMENT GATE. is based in Istanbul / Turkey, and provides new and existing businesses with a wide range of real estate business development solutions for Turkish Market.

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